Free Booking Links on Google

Google is making it free to appear in the booking links shown in Google search. Over 110 hotels using RezEasy are already taking this fantastic opportunity to receive bookings directly from search results at 0% commission!

You may already be listing your hotel on OTA's, and they will have their free link for your hotel, for which they will charge you a commission. You can disable Google booking links in the OTAs and use the option in RezEasy instead - free of charge.

During 30 days, hotels using the free booking links feature in RezEasy received 125,260 impressions and 4,069 clicks. One hotel appeared 7,180 times and received 228 clicks through their RezEasy booking system – all for free. Do you want to keep paying commission to OTAs when you can get the same results for free?

How Does it Work?

Google has partnered with Hallisoft to make it easy to get started.

  1. Make sure your Google My Business profile is verified and updated with your hotel information. Here is a guidebook to help you get started.
  2. Enable and configure Google Booking Links in RezEasy.
  3. Start getting direct clicks on your website so that travellers can book directly with your hotel.

The organic hotel listings in Google are ordered based on several factors. The main factors are:

  • Price Accuracy: You decide the room rates, and RezEasy automatically uploads them to Google ensuring excellent price accuracy.
  • Price Parity: Having the best price matters, and you can ensure that your direct rate entered into RezEasy undercuts OTAs.
  • Landing Page Experience: When potential guest lands on your page, they see the selected room's price, facilities, and picture. A single button click takes them directly to the booking confirmation page. Nothing could be simpler.

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