RezEasy Cloud PMS - Property Management System

RezEasy is much more than a web-based reservation system; it is a powerful Property Management System designed to meet your front and back-office needs. The use of web technology means that you can access the system from any computer or tablet with Internet access. The need for expensive PC's to run software is over! Easy Set-up & Operation

Easy Set-up & Operation

We install the software for you, so there is no complicated setup process. You receive a fully functioning system ready to accept all your property's data input. A fully detailed user manual is available at the touch of a button, and you have unlimited access to our helpdesk.

Anywhere Access

All you need to access RezEasy is a device with an Internet connection. Your Property Management System is accessible to satellite offices and remotely located personnel. Using system profiles, you determine who has access to RezEasy and where. You can also manage multiple properties from one Internet-connected device.

Integrated Web Reservations

RezEasy's integrated Online Reservation System instantly adds reservations to the database and room inventory updates in real-time. The system includes interfaces for computers, tablets, & smartphones, and the correct user interface will be auto-detected.

Integrated Guest Portal

Guests can access the portal to view their reservation, profile, settings, and current folio balance, and guests can check-in and check out by themselves. Of course, you can decide which guest portal features you want to deploy.

Integrated Channel Management

Our optional two-way Channel Manager interface to Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) automates the export of rates/inventory and import of reservations made via Expedia, and many others.

Just Some of RezEasy's Features

Flexible Pricing / Daily Override:

  1. Unlimited rates and unlimited changes during the year.
  2. Choose from several rate types.
  3. Assign different rates to the same room types, and charge per room or person.
  4. For maximum flexibility, set pricing override to selected users.

Packages & Discounts: Package your rooms with other products to create unique offerings.

Agent/Corporate Client Booking:

  1. Assign room allocations, discounts and special rates to agent/corporate clients.
  2. Optionally allow them to book online.
  3. Create agent/corporate client invoices.

Group Bookings:

  1. Organize reservations for an incoming group in one place.
  2. Apply a rate to the whole group or individual reservations.
  3. Create group invoices.

Pre-Arrival & Post-Stay Emails: RezEasy allows you to send automated pre-arrival and post-stay emails to your guests. You can customize the content and format of outgoing emails.

Hourly Booking of Function/Meeting Room: You can attach multiple bookings to function rooms and meeting rooms on a particular day.

Extensive Reporting: RezEasy's many printed reports include 16 financial reports, four housekeeping reports, six management reports, 15+ reservation reports, four guest reports, plus 8+ miscellaneous and POS system reports. The program also contains many on-screen data grids. See the complete list.

Many More Features:

Check out all of the features in RezEasy, you will be pleasantly surprised.