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RezEasy Cloud Features

RezEasy Cloud comprises a Property Management Systems and integrated Booking Engine with multi-property and multi-language capabilities.

Reservations & Guests
  • Individual, group, virtual reservations and day rooms.
  • Two or more virtual reservations can be associated with a real reservation to create a sharing reservation or multiple guest folios for the same room.
  • Add meals and optional extras to reservations. These can be charged per room per night, per person per night, per person or per booking.
  • Change and cancel reservations, update in-house reservations, create room moves, assign rooms, check-in and check-out guests, add to wait list.
  • Save full guest details including attachment (scan of passport for example).
Room Rates
  • Create any number of rate codes.
  • Rates can be Seasonal (calendar dates), Flexi-Rate (calendar dates with different rate at weekends), or Day-Week-Month.
  • Rates can be per room or per person.
  • You can have several rate codes for the same room type, and the rates can be different types.
  • Rates can be changed quickly and easily for any day or block of days.
  • Charge different rates for this year and next year.
  • Rates can be increased/decreased globally (all rates) by a percentage or fixed amount.
  • Copy rates and increase/decrease by a percentage or fixed amount.
  • Check or view availability (inventory) by room type or room number, easily calculate cost of a stay.
  • Temporarily block rooms or take them out of service.
  • View room status: vacant, occupied, arriving, departing, allocated.
  • Housekeeping including room status, linen and towel changes, cleaning schedule and tasks, vacant room list etc.
  • Create breakfast list and meal plan lists.
  • Laundry items, laundry list, collect and return guests laundry, auto-calculate totals and add to guest folio.
  • Create agents/corporate clients and set a rate code, room allocation and commission.
  • Allow selected agents/corporate clients to login and make/change/cancel reservations based on their rate code and allocations.
  • Full range of reports for reservations, management, housekeeping and financial/POS.
  • Full range of reservation, housekeeping, financial, POS & management reports.
Financial & POS
  • Post rates using the Night Audit system or post when the guest Checks-In.
  • Full POS (Point of Sale) system - sales departments/sales categories, items for sale. Includes stock control.
  • Export reservations and financial data to a spreadsheet.
  • Import sales data into RezEasy via an XML file or CSV file.
  • Create agent/corporate client and group invoices.
Email & Miscellaneous
  • Automatically send pre-arrival and post-departure email to guests.
  • Send reservation confirmation by email.
  • Send personalized email to guests or mailing lists.
  • Create email and letters/notices.
  • All email, letter/notice and invoice templates are fully customizable - text, fonts, colours, images etc. If you use the multi-language feature of RezEasy Guest bills can be printed in different languages.
  • Allow in-house guests to login and check their bill.
  • Includes staff bulletin board and notices.
and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finding a Room
  • Visitors can find one or more available rooms using a search form of by selecting directly from a calendar.
  • Full details of available rooms including the total price and daily rate are made available to the visitor.
  • Visitors know exactly what the total cost will be, no nasty surprises on the check-out page.
  • Visitors can book one or more rooms at the same time. Payment can be made by PayPal, bank transfer or via a payment system.
  • Meals and optional extras can be included on reservations. These can be charged per room per night, per person per night, per person or per booking.
  • Guests can change and cancel reservations online before check-in. You specify the minimum number of days prior to check-in when these changes can be made.
  • Reservations are automatically added to the database and will be instantly available in the Property Management System.
Room Rates
  • Designate a rate code that is used for Online Reservations.
  • Rates are set in the Property Management System and any changes are instantly available for Online Reservations.
  • You can set up discounts and promotional codes.
Packages & Offers
  • Create special packages and offers that apply between dates that you specify.
Flexible Booking Restrictions
  • Restrict visitors to booking a minimum number of nights between certain dates such as public holidays.
  • Restrict visitors to booking a minimum number of nights if their stay spans a weekend.
  • Restrict visitors to booking exact numbers of nights, example: 3,5,7,14,21
  • Specify an arrival day or allow arrival on any day of the week.
  • Specify a leadtime (minimum number of days between booking and arrival).
  • Collect the names of all guests on the reservation confirmation page.
Easy Navigation and Display
  • Visitors can easily navigate through the website and view detailed information.
  • Display full details of your property, amenities, rooms, rates etc.
  • Include location information and Google map.
  • RezEasy includes an interactive picture gallery.
  • Guest reviews page included in RezEasy.
Email Confirmations
  • Automatically send pre-arrival reminder and post-departure email to guests.
  • Reservation confirmation automatically sent to the guest by email (with a copy to you and a cc address).
Customizable Templates
  • Select any of the custom designs.
  • All website templates are fully customizable - text, fonts, colours, images etc.
  • All email and invoice templates are fully customizable - text, fonts, colours, images etc.
Languages & Currencies
  • Create the Online Reservation System in up to 8 languages. Professional translations can be ordered in 3 clicks using Nativy Translations.
  • Display prices in up to 8 currencies.
  • Connects to over 35 different payment systems
  • Allow guests to pay in the currency of their choice (requires a multi-currency payment system).
  • Automatically update exchange rates (requires an account with a currency exchange service).
and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!


RezEasy is pre-configured for:

Barclays ePDQ
Chase Paymentech HPP
eSelect Plus - Moneris
First Data Connect 2
First Data Global Gateway e4
Global Iris RealAuth Redirect (HSBC)
Kasikorn Bank
MasterCard VPC
MerchantOne QuickClick
Payment Express - PxPay
Protx (SagePay)
Secure Hosting
Secure Trading
Custom Option
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