RezEasy Single - Hotel Booking Engine

RezEasy Single Booking Engine provides hotels,motels, B&B's and guesthouses with a powerful way to sell their rooms online. Each booking from your website is instantly added the Back Office database, and room inventory is updated in real time. The mobile friendly system auto-detects the visitor device before selecting the appropriate interface for computer, tablet or smartphone.

Affordable (No Commission No Monthly Fee!)

You can easily recoup the cost of RezEasy within the first few weeks of operation. Selling just a few room nights is enough to recover your investment. Purchase RezEasy today and take control of your business. For just the cost of a few room nights you can have your own online reservation system working for you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Anywhere Access

All you need to access RezEasy is a device with an Internet connection. The Back Office is accessible to satellite offices and remotely located personnel. Using system profiles, you determine who has access to RezEasy.

Powerful & Feature Packed

RezEasy is probably the most powerful online booking system available and will transform your website into a fully functional and secure Online Booking Engine with reporting and sales analysis functions. We install the software for you so there is no complicated set-up process. You receive a fully functioning system ready to accept input of rooms, rates, user details etc.