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Cloud Based Hotel PMS

RezEasy cloud based property management system (PMS) greatly simplifies hotel operations and reduces staffing costs. Critical functions are automated and managed in real-time, allowing your staff to focus on guests. The integrated commission-free booking engine, agent/corporate client, booking module and guest portal provide online booking. Dashboards provide an overview of operations, whilst drag-and-drop calendars simplify changing reservation dates and room moves.

The Channel Manager module updates inventory and rates across multiple channels and your bookings are received directly at the front desk in real-time.

All you need to access RezEasy PMS is a device with an Internet connection. Your system is accessible from satellite offices, and you can manage multiple properties from one computer terminal.

Cloud based property management system (PMS)

Hotel Reservation Portal

Using RezEasy Portall, travel agents and travel websites can now offer accommodation booking directly from their website (similar to large sites like Expedia and Booking.com). Comprehensive search and result filtering make it easy for visitors to find suitable accommodation.

RezEasy Portal offers a vast range of features, including pricing options that allow hoteliers to manage their rates according to demand, agent/corporate client booking, promotional codes, special offers & packages.

A fully featured back-office system allows hoteliers to manage their data, rates, availability, and view reports.

Quickly repay the initial investment: You are free to make your deals with accommodation owners, and Hallisoft does not charge monthly fees or commissions.

Hotel reservation portal for online booking

Hotel Booking Engine

Online bookings from your website are a must, especially right now. RezEasy Single is the answer to getting your hotel website up to speed and meeting your revenue targets. With no monthly fees or commission to pay, the revenue you earn from bookings made on your website is yours.

Effectively manage reservations, rooms, rates, promotional codes, special offers and packages. Set rates according to demand, thus maximizing yield, and you can specify special rates for agent/corporate clients.

RezEasy's channel manager module allows our program to work with distribution channels using two way XML data exchange.

Don't close the door to potential guests; use RezEasy to take control of your online bookings today!

Online reservation system & booking engine

You pay a one-time fee and we install the software on your website. That's it, nothing more to pay - no commission no monthly fees!

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