RezEasy Single - Online Reservation System

RezEasy's integrated Booking Engine adds each booking from your website into the database used by the Back Office, and room inventory updates in real-time. The system auto-detects the visitor's device and selects the appropriate interface for the computer, tablet or smartphone.

Flexible Room Rates

RezEasy accepts an unlimited number of rate codes and rate changes during the year. There are several rate types to choose from, charged per room or person.

Packages & Discounts:

Package your rooms with other products to create unique offerings. Select when these offers are available, the room types and the number of persons per package.

Multi-Language, Multi-Currency

Translate the text and templates used by RezEasy into different languages, or ask us to do it for you (additional cost per language). Allow visitors to view prices and optionally pay in their currency.

Online Payments

RezEasy is pre-configured for many Payment Systems, and you can allow visitors to choose from different payment methods (bank transfer, credit card and PayPal, for example). RezEasy includes our Transaction Manager.

Pre-Arrival & Post-Stay Emails:

RezEasy allows you to send automated pre-arrival and post-stay emails to your guests. You can customize the content and format of outgoing emails.

Integrated Channel Management

Our optional two-way Channel Manager interface to Global Distribution Systems automates the export of rates and import of reservations made via Expedia, and many others.

Many More Features:

Check out the custom designs and all of the features in RezEasy; you will be pleasantly surprised.