RezEasy Portal

RezEasy Portal is a web-based Online Reservation Portal for multiple hotels, B&B's, apartments, and villas. It includes several modules and an optional Channel Manager. The system is mobile-friendly and consists of a mobile-optimized booking engine plus PC and Tablet interfaces for the Back Office system. RezEasy Portal is ideal for travel companies and websites offering accommodation booking on their websites.

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Portal Administration & Global Configuration


This area is the central administration. The portal owner sets the global configuration (taxes, discounts, currencies, languages, agents, and users), templates are edited or uploaded, and general maintenance of the system and database is performed.

Hotel specific configuration is carried out, by hotel owners, in the Back Office System.

Back Office System


Here the hotel owners enter configuration details for their hotel ((rates, rooms, agents allocations, booking restrictions, description, packages, and extras). It is also where each hotel owner can create and manage reservations, and guests, print reports and send an email.

Using the optional channel manager module, each hotel can select the channel manager they use from those supported by RezEasy Portal.

Agents/Corporate Client Module


This part is the online booking system for Agents/Corporate Clients. You set up agents in the Main Administration, and each hotel owner can specify (in the Back Office System) which agents can access their hotel, the agent's allocation and rate.

Agents/Corporate Clients make reservations online at their daily allocation and rates. Hotel owners manage reservations made by agents in the Back Office.

Online Reservation Portal


This area is the online booking system. Guests can make reservations online at the rates each hotel sets. Reservations can be changed or cancelled up to X days before arrival (the hotel owner can specify X in the hotel's booking restrictions).

Hotel owners can also manage any reservations made through this booking engine in the Back Office.