Agents/Corporate Clients Module

We designed this module to allow agents or corporate clients to make, change and cancel reservations online. Each agent/corporate client has a room allocation, room rate and (optionally) a discount. You can turn, on or off, the ability for individual agents/corporate clients to log in and book online. The RezEasy Cloud PMS system includes the agent/corporate client module as part of the package.

Creating, changing or cancelling a reservation reduces RezEasy's inventory immediately, and you will be able to access the reservation. Email confirmation messages are sent to you and the agent/corporate client. Details of the reservation can be printed and given to the guest. If you have configured a discount for the agent/corporate client, the rates shown on the guest voucher do not include this discount.

Agent/Corporate Client Interface

  • New Reservation (select all options)
  • Quick Reservation (select from calendar)
  • Cancel a Reservation before check-in
  • Modify a Reservation before check-in
  • View Current Reservations (i.e. not checked-out)
  • View Reservation History
  • Group Reservations
  • New Group Reservation
  • Cancel a Group Reservation before check-in
  • Modify/Resize a Group Reservation before check-in
  • View Current Group Reservations (i.e. not checked-out)
  • Rooms
  • Availability by Room Type (based on the agent/corporate client allocation, not the total number of rooms)
  • Room Details
  • Room Rates (this is the rate code that you apply to the agent/corporate client)
Agents module interface