Transaction Manager

This is an application designed to record credit card details and store them in the RezEasy database. These transactions can then be processed using your existing merchant account or virtual credit card terminal. The program is part of RezEasy Portal and is included as part of the package.

All credit card details are encrypted before being stored to the database. Selected RezEasy users (those with access to financial data) can login and view or print details.

Transaction Manager can be included in RezEasy configuration as one of the payment methods for bookings taken in the portal. Typically you would use the program where you don't want to take an immediate payment for an online reservation, and prefer to just hold the card details as a guarantee against a no-show.

How to Charge for Bookings?

How you operate the portal and the deal you make with property owners is entirely your choice. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • You take a percentage of each sale. In this scenario you can set the deposit on a reservation so that it is equal to your commission. By doing this you don't have to worry about sending payments or invoices to property owners. You simply allow the guest to pay the balance once they arrive at the hotel.
  • All property owners take payment and use the same Payment Systems (PayPal is ideal for this). You can then either charge property owners a monthly or annual fee for using the portal, or invoice them for your share of the booking.

PCI Compliance

In order to accept credit card data directly on your website you the site should be PCI compliant. RezEasy itself only stores encrypted card data, however you need to ensure that RezEasy application is secure by using strong passwords. You should also ensure that only authorized personnel are be able to access credit card details. We strongly recommend that you delete card details from the database after you have processed a transaction.

When you use a payment system card details are not stored on your website and the payment system is responsible for PCI compliance.

You can find more details of PCI compliance here