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Agents/Corporate Clients Module

This is an application designed to allow agents or corporate clients to make, change and cancel reservations online. Each agent/corporate client can be configured with a room allocation, room rate and (optionally) a discount. You can turn, on or off, the ability for individual agents/corporate clients to login and booking online. The program is part of the RezEasy Single system and is included as part of the package.

When a reservation is created, changed or cancelled the RezEasy database is updated immediately and you will be able to access the reservation. Email confirmation messages are sent to you and the agent/corporate client. Details of the reservation can be printed and given to the guest.

Agent/Corporate Client Interface

Agent/Corporate Client Reservation

  • Reservations
  • New Reservation
  • Cancel a Reservation before check-in
  • Modify a Reservation before check-in
  • View Current Reservations (ie. not checked-out)
  • View All Reservations

  • Rooms
  • Availability by Room Type (based on the agent/corporate client allocation not total number of rooms)
  • Room Details
  • Room Rates (this is the rate code that you apply to the agent/corporate client)
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