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Access using a PC or Mobile Device RezEasy Cloud PMS, Booking Engine and Reservation Portal

 Hotel PMS

Don't waste money maintaining expensive in-house servers and software. Our cloud-based PMS offers real-time access from any desktop computer or tablet anytime, anywhere.

A cloud-based PMS handles bookings, reservation updates, folios, housekeeping tasks, POS, reporting, channel management, online reservations, and free booking links.

Move into the 21st century with RezEasy PMS.

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 Reservation Portal

Offer potential customers the opportunity to book accommodation on your travel website 24/7. Make your contracts with accommodation providers and keep 100% of any commission you negotiate.

Our portal software can accept thousands of hotels, B&B's, villas and apartments.

Take your travel business to a new level and allow customers to search properties in the system and book accommodation instantly.

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 Booking Engine

Connect your business directly to guests. Our booking engine integrates directly into your website.

RezEasy is optimized for all devices used by your guests located worldwide. The look of your booking engine is customized to match your branding, ensuring the guest experience is completely seamless.

Pay once - No commission or monthly fee.

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What our customers say

RezEasy reviews capterra & crowdreviews

Joel T., Owner, using RezEasy Booking Engine 5 stars

There is no better solution!

This software is perfect for anyone and everyone in the Hospitality Property Management Business. With the awesome tools provided it's a breeze to install and link to your gateway. It impresses our guests with ease of use and accuracy resulting in total confidence in our part and that of our guests! Cons? I'm thinking, ok? Nope, no cons.

Alan H. Manager, using RezEasy PMS 4.5 stars

Good program and excellent support

Plenty of features and sensibly priced. The ability to purchase a license outright without monthly subscription is especially attractive. After a couple of weeks it becomes second nature and has been plain saling ever since

David P, Director, using RezEasy Portal 4 stars

Great service and great value software

I found this software after much research and comparing with other similar software. Excellent after sales service, even after the 1 year of free service is up. Comprehensive software, once set up easy to use. Fulfills most of our needs.

Diane W., using RezEasy PMS 4 stars

Easy to use PMS software

If you are on a budget but need an efficient property management system, there is no need to look much further than RezEasy. Most of these kinds of programs on the market cost an arm and a leg, but RezEasy has been amazing from the start - even their after sales service is excellent. There is no need to spend days setting up the program because it only takes a while and once all the data is in, it gives you enough time to focus on business.

Kees V., CEO, using RezEasy Booking Engine 4 stars

Software & support:great combination

Nothing beats the purchase price of this software for what you get:a full operational booking system.

khaldoun A, using RezEasy Portal 5 stars

Great Services

It is so important to get the service after you purchase. And With Alan it was way so helpful, I mean it. Never delayed never complained always there and so dedicated. I thank him very much.

(Alan is Hallisoft customer support manager)