Capital Spending in the Post Covid-19 Era

The tourism and hotel industry has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully, mass vaccination programs will bring the pandemic to an end, and Covid-19 will become another endemic disease.

New global travel habits will challenge the industry to meet the demands of a new generation of travellers. Increasingly individualized travel requirements, more practical application of technology, and more emphasis on health and hygiene are likely to become the new norm. Hotels will have to adjust their operations to suit this changing landscape to sustain profit margins.

Switching to a new PMS system, especially cloud-based, will help with cost savings and increase efficiency. The main cost benefits of cloud-based systems are:

  • There is no requirement for expensive servers and PCs and the upkeep of these systems.
  • Locating the software and data in the cloud allows a low spec PC or tablet to access the PMS. The service provider updates, maintain and secures the system.

Purchasing a cloud-based PMS system as a monthly subscription helps cash flow. However, this can be an expensive way to buy the software in the long term. At Hallisoft, we allow you to purchase RezEasy PMS on a monthly subscription or for a one-time payment with permanent use of the software. Our prices are highly competitive in both cases, and we do not charge a per booking commission.

capital spending post covid