Mobile First for Guests

Currently, mobile check-in/check-out is one of the biggest trends in the hospitality industry. Younger travellers, in particular, use their mobile devices to access all manner of goods and services. Hoteliers need to offer mobile check-in/check-out in addition to the traditional front desk experience.

Many property management system (PMS) vendors include self-check-in/check-out via an app installed on an Apple or Android device. These apps work well enough, but they must be downloaded and installed on the guest's phone. Most users will find this a significant inconvenience for an app that they may only use once or very infrequently. There is also the perception, rightly or wrongly, that apps often access contacts and media, which are then sent back to the app creator.

At Hallisoft, we have done things a little differently. All the guest needs to do is click a link in their confirmation email, and they will be taken directly to RezEasy PMS via their web browser. There is nothing to install, nothing to clutter up their device, and no way to access data on the user's device.

Before the guest can complete the check-out process, finalising the bill is a critical feature of self-check-in/out. With RezEasy, the guest can pay using one of the 37 payment systems integrated into our software. Check-out completes, and after the payment system confirms the transaction is completed (which usually takes less than one minute), the guest receives a fully detailed receipt by email. The hotel front desk also gets a notification.

Guest self check-in RezEasy PMS