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Upgrade to RezEasy Portal

online reservation portal for multiple hotels You can upgrade your existing RezEasy program to RezEasy Portal at a discounted price. The discount is applied as credit for your existing program which is part exchanged for RezEasy Portal.

RezEasy Portal comprise: Back Office, an Online Reservations, Agent/Corporate Client Module and Transaction Manager.

The Deal: You pay a one-time fee and we install the software on your website. That's it, nothing more to pay - no commission no monthly fees! The program is yours to use as long as you wish.

RezEasy Portal: You can add many hotels, motels, guest-houses, B&B's or hostels into RezEasy Portal. The actual number depends on the license you purchase.

Normal Price

You make a Single Payment based on the number of properties (hotels, motels, guest-houses etc.) as follows:

  • Up to 500 properties:
  • Up to 1000 properties:
  • Up to 2500 properties:
  • More than 2500 properties:

Your Discount

A discount of will be applied the normal price for any existing RezEasy user. An additional discount is available if you also purchase the Channel Manager Module.

What You Get

  • Installation on your website or server
  • RezEasy Portal program to use as long as you wish with no additional charges
  • Free updates for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • Free support for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • Free security updates and patches for the life of the product
  1. Notes:
  2. RezEasy Portal uses a different database to previous versions of RezEasy Agency/Portal and has many new features. Therefore, it is not possible to transfer data or reuse any information from previous versions.
  3. You may continue to use your existing RezEasy Agency/Portal for up to 90 days after upgrading.

Buy RezEasy Multi Hotel Portal:

Total Number of Properties:


I would like to pay in:



Error: Fields highlighted in Red are empty OR data entered is not valid.

RezEasy Hotel Reservation Portal is a totally new program and is not compatible with the previous versions. Existing data cannot be transferred from early versions of RezEasy to this latest version.

RezEasy's Channel Manager module automatically updates your inventory and rates in distribution channels where you list your rooms. Reservations taken by these channels are automatically added to RezEasy's database and inventory is reduced.

The channel manager module works via Octorate or SiteMinder. (You will need an account with one of these channel management companies).
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