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RezEasy Front Desk - Installation Help Page 2

Network Server Settings

On the server on which RezEasy Front Desk is installed locate the ..\Hallisoft\RezEasy_6\RezEasy_6_PMS folder. Right click the folder name and select properties.

  1. Click the sharing tab and then the Share button. Select the users that are allowed to access RezEasy from the list next to the Add button. NOTE: Only users that have a valid login on the server on which RezEasy is installed can access RezEasy. Press the Share button when done. (See Fig 1 below)
  2. Click the advanced button and enter a share name or leave the defeult name. Click the permissions button, highlight everyone and make sure full control, change, read are checked. Press OK and OK again to close the two dialogue boxes. (See Fig 2 below)
  3. In the properties dialogue click the security tab then the edit button. Make sure that each user that accesses RezEasy has at least modify, read & execute, list folders..., read checked. Or you can check full control. Press OK when done. (See Fig 3 below)
  4. In the general tab make sure that Read Only is unchecked and clear. Apply to all folders, sub-folders and files. Press OK when done and close the properties dialogue. (See Fig 4 below)
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