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RezEasy Front Desk - Installation Information

There are two ways to install RezEasy Front Desk. On a single stand alone PC or on a network

Single PC Installation

When you install RezEasy on a single PC it will work like any other Windows application and can be run directly from the PC by clicking the desktop icon or from the Windows start menu.

Desktop Icons

RezEasy Front Desk RezEasy Backup

Windows Start Menu

Start Menu->RezEasy PMS->RezEasy Front Desk
Start Menu->RezEasy PMS->RezEasy FD Backup (to run the backup/restore utility)


RezEasy Front Desk should be installed by a user with administrator rights if you want all users of the PC to access the program. For Windows 2003/XP you can install in C:\Program Files\ or another drive if you have one available.

Windows Vista/7/8 users should not install in C:\Program Files\ unless you will run RezEasy using an account with administrator privileges. For Windows Vista/7/8 you might like to install in your application folder, or C:\ProgramData\ if you wish to give all user access to RezEasy. You can also install on another drive if you have one available.

If you have problems entering data make sure that permissions are correctly set on the Front Desk folder - Show Me

Network Installation

When you install RezEasy on a network it can be accessed by any user on the network if they have access rights to the RezEasy folder. Many users can access RezEasy and it's database at the same time. RezEasy Front Desk has built in data transaction capabilities and will only lock records when necessary for writing of data. In the unlikely event that two users try to update the same database record at exactly the same time the second user will be given the opportunity to either accept the first users changes or save their own changes.

RezEasy Front Desk includes 8 user licenses. If you need more licenses these can be purchased from our online store

Installing on the Server

When you install RezEasy Front Desk on a network it should be installed on the network server by a user with administrator rights. You can then make the RezEasy installation a shared folder so that users on the network can access the program. Map the shared folder on each of the PC's or Workstations that will access RezEasy Front Desk.

You can install RezEasy on any drive but you must ensure that the RezEasy installation is shared so that network users can access the data. Network PC's

Make sure that permissions on the RezEasy installation allow network access - Show Me

Workstation Software

On each workstation or PC that will access RezEasy you must install the Rez70PMS_NetPC.exe program. It can be installed in C:\Program Files\ for all versions of Windows. Also see "Workstation Settings"

The PC/Workstation users will start RezEasy Front Desk by running the main application file ...\Hallisoft\RezEasy_6\RezEasy_6_PMS\RezEasy\rez60pms.exe which is located on the network server. You can place a shortcut on the desktop of each PC/Workstation to make starting RezEasy Front Desk easier.

If you want one or more of the workstations to access the backup utility place a shortcut to ...\Hallisoft\RezEasy_6\RezEasy_6_PMS\RezEasy\pmsbackup.exe on the PC/workstation.

Migrating from Single PC to Network

If you have been running RezEasy Front Desk on a stand alone PC and want to transfer it to a network server do the following:

  1. Install RezEasy on the network server as described above (see Installing on the Server).
  2. Start RezEasy and activate it.
  3. Close RezEasy.
  4. Copy the database from the stand alone PC to the network server. The database is located in ..\Hallisoft\RezEasy_6\RezEasy_6_PMS\RezEasy\ (make sure you copy all files).
  5. Remove RezEasy from the stand alone PC.
  6. On each workstation or PC that will access RezEasy install the Rez70PMS_NetPC.exe program as described above (see Network PC's).

NOTE: You can also use your existing PC as the server and simply give access to the RezEasy installation other PC's that you add to your network.

Access via the Internet

It is possible to access RezEasy Front Desk via the Internet if you set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using a program like LogMeIn Hamachi. The speed of this type of access depends on the Internet connection that you are using. In most cases the speed is quite acceptable for general monitoring of the Front Desk.

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